What is faburls?

This website was created on some Friday evening as a compilation of interesting Internet addresses that i come across in my everyday work. Many of them significantly increased my productivity. If a paid service or product is mentioned, that's only because i think it's truly great, there's no money involved.

I hope that faburls will achieve a certain level of recognition, especially among beginner professionals who need some guidance from more experienced coleagues. I count on the amazing people from web design and development communities to submit their favourite, most valuable resources.

If you think that an important URL is missing from the register, please use suggest a url page. You can also vote for these websites which are most useful and relevant in your opinion. This will improve URL's position in its category.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or just want to say hello, drop me an email using the contact form. Also, please keep in mind that faburls is a very young internet entity and it's still under development. All help is highly appreciated.